Departments: Primary Care
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Kreol
Position: Medical Director, AMSA Medical Centre
About Doctor

With over 20 years of experience in the provision of healthcare in Seychelles, Dr. Kenneth is an authority on a variety of diagnosis and treatments. His knowledge and repertoire of skills range from tropical diseases and baromedicine to accident, emergency and critical care. To further enhance his services in Emergency, he pursued Anaesthesiaology.

Dr. Kenneth is known for his patient-centric methodology, his passion for the provision of quality evidence-based care and ultimately streamlining patient experiences. Towards this he augmented his expertise with credentials in Hospital Management. He firmly believes in and promotes continuous learning, research and innovation in medicine.

  • Management of Emergency Medicine
  • Management of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapies
  • Medical Facility Management
  • Critical Care Management
  • Anaesthesiology
  • Accident and Emergency Management
  • Masters in Hospital Management and Health Services (2022)
  • Diploma in anaesthesiology, critical care and emergency medicine (2003)
  • Diploma in Tropical Medicine (2001)
  • Doctor of Medicine (1996)